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Website Architecture

Simply put, website architecture is the planning and designing of all of the technical, functional, and visual components of a website. The basic components- technical, functional, and visual- of your website function together. It is used by web designers and developers in the development process- and it’s important for your business!

Technical components are things like selecting a server, domain set up, communication interfaces, and database configuration and development. As your business grows, or if you depend on search ranking results to drive new business, you will find that having the technical aspects of your website set up properly becomes increasingly important. They determine the speed of your website which directly affects your search ranking score.

The functional components of your website include deciding what kinds of services or processes your website will provide. A well designed, functional website will be incredibly easy to navigate. It will take advantage of hyperlinks to better direct traffic. Outdated links will be removed quickly and content will be fresh and updated regularly. The functional components of your website also directly affect your search engine ranking.

The visual components of your website encompasses everything you see on a website- the color scheme, the visuals, the layout, and the menus. A visually cohesive website will flow from page to page- all pages should look like they belong on the same website. The visual components of your website are essential to branding.

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