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Ideal Content Length For Everything Online

Digital content is the centerstone of digital marketing. The amount of data available about content allows ideal optimization for each part of your digital marketing plan. This includes content length, specific to each forum.

Ideal Twitter posts will contain 71-100 characters. Users are 17% more likely to engage with a twitter post that is less than 100 characters long. By engage, we mean favorite, re-tweet, or share on a different social media platform.

Facebook posts should be 40 characters or shorter. The shorter the post, the better! Posts with 40 characters or less received 86% more engagement than longer posts. On Facebook, take advantage of infographics, events, and images!

The idea Hashtag length is six characters, while the ideal subject line will be 28-39 characters long. Paragraphs that are shorter than 55 characters are less likely to be skimmed through than longer paragraphs.

Let’s talk word count. Blog headlines are most effective at six words and no longer than 600 words. 74% of blog posts are read in less than 3 minutes- that’s the amount of time you have to reach your audience!

LinkedIn posts should be capped at 25 words. A post targeting businesses is most effective at 16-25 words, while a post targeting consumers is most effective at 21-25 words.

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