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What is a Hashtag? Why Do You Use It?

One question we frequently get is, what exactly is a hashtag, why are they used, and when should they be used? Those who don’t spend a lot of time on social media might not have even encountered a hash tag before, or understand their place in digital marketing.

A hashtag essential is a label for your content. It labels the content and creates a search function that will filter all other content based on this label. For instance, posting #CreativEnergy on twitter would allow you to filter out all other twitter posts that contains #CreativEnergy. Hashtags can be used across multiple social media platforms- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Any social media user can use hashtags in their posts. Many create hashtags to commemorate special events- like #JohnsonWedding or #JohnsonBaby.

Businesses can use hashtags for multiple purposes. You can use it for networking- #FollowFriday is a popular social media trend that allows users to recognize organizations whose tweets you find helpful. This is a great way to gain the attention of people and organizations you follow and to gain new followers.

You can also use hashtags for contests. Use a hashtag to get people to enter your contest, gain followers and likes, and promote your business.

On Twitter, you can use hashtags to hold a twitter chat. Twitter is an open-forum, text-based social media platform. To host a chat, you simply assign a hashtag- #digitalmarketingchat or #movingtipschat- and you can host a text discussion that allows you to directly engage with your followers.

Finally, you can find and share your business with generic hashtags- #marketing, #optimization, #webdesign. If you want your content to spread further on social media, use generic hashtags when you create content. This allows you to reach users who are interested in your type of organization or business.

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