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Branding Tips for Small Businesses


Many small businesses seem to struggle with understanding what branding is. A Brand is more than just your logo and tag line. A brand involves the customer experience. It involves having a cohesive message about what you do, how you do it, and how your customers and potential customers will benefit from your product or service. You want to convey trust and credibility in your product or service.

A strong brand will resonate on an emotional level with customers and potential customers. It will connect with people on an emotional level. Branding makes a promise to clients and customers and then delivers on that promise. Marketing is how that promise is delivered. It is the vehicle, the voice piece so to speak that delivers the message of your brand.

Many small businesses do not have large marketing budgets to spend on developing a strong brand. However, here are 5 things you can to do to build a strong brand.

5 Effective Branding Tips

1. What is your story? Every business has a story. It starts with your mission statement, it includes why you do what you do, who do you help, key moments in your business that changed the course or expanded your business.
2. Have a product or service that people love. Every product or service solves a problem or meets a need for the consumer. Your product or service must be something they fall in love with. This will turn them from just a customer to a fan. They should see the value in your product or service.
3. Have a memorable name and logo. This is one way to be recognized. Think of all the brand logo’s you recognize. They are usually clean, simple and easy to recognize. You want to make a positive impression.
4. Be consistent. You do not want to confuse people by changing your message. You can find different ways to say and show the same message, but you do not want to change it. Sometime a business will change their tag line, but it is always in keeping with what their message and mission is.
5. Build long term relationships with customers/clients – You want to convey trust and confidence when someone uses your product or service. You want to make your customers happy and you need to tell them how using your product or service will do that. You want them to keep coming back and telling others about you as well.

You do not need to be a nationwide company to have a strong brand. You can achieve this within the community you service. Many locally owned businesses think they can not achieve having a strong brand but that is not the case. Just think of the locally owned businesses in your community that comes to mind. Would you recognize their logo if you saw it? Do you know their story? What problem or need do they solve? You see it is possible!

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