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Marketing VS Sales



As a small business owner chances are you do not have a marketing department and a sales team. In many cases you are probably doing both yourself. That is why it is important that you understand the difference between the two.

Just what is marketing? Think of it as paving the way for sales by preparing potential customers for the sale.  Marketing is more long term, a longer process that reaches a broader audience. Marketing generate leads. It also involves building a name for the brand.

Sales on the other hand is more short term. It involves converting the leads and prospects you get from marketing into sales. Sales targets individuals or small groups. Think of it this way: The sales you have today is because of the marketing you have done in the past. The marketing you do today results in the sales of tomorrow.

Marketing in today’s market is about building a relationship with your current and prospective customer. You must get to know them, what they like, what their needs are, what problem do you solve for them and what value does your product or service add to their lives.

Sales are often transactional. They purchase your product or service and then you are on to the next one. However, sales should be a step in the relationship process, not the end of the relationship process. Marketing can further that relationship after the sales has occurred. The end result is not just a sale anymore. You want them coming back, telling their friends and family and engaging with your business on social media.

So how to you balance your sales and marketing? You must think of them separately, but they work together. Do you have a marketing plan? How do you follow up on leads? How are you generating leads? If you have a storefront, think of leads as new customers who come into your storefront. Do you have a plan in place so that you can continue to market to them? Marketing gets you leads, sales closes on those leads and now you remarket to those leads. You keep them in the loop so to speak.

Even though marketing and sales are different and separate it is important to remember that both play a vital role in your business. It is difficult to have sales without marketing. It is important to have both a marketing and sales strategy. When these plans are cohesive and work together you will get more sales.

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