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Choosing Colors for Your Website


The colors you choose for your logo and branding are incorporated into your website. At one-time blue was the color of choice for websites. Why? Cause it represents honesty and trust. Now the trend is towards more vibrant colors which will make a websites experience much more interesting.
So how do you go about choosing your colors? It depends on the message you want the user to receive and the experience you want them to have. Gone are the days of brochure type websites. There are so many options to create a unique user experience. Today, it is all about the user experience.

Here are somethings to consider when choosing your colors.

– If your site is geared towards children, then use bright primary colors.
– If you are located in an area where the weather is tropical, and you want to capture that feel then use warm colors
– If you are located in an area where the weather is cooler, then use cool colors
– If you want to convey a serious message then consider the colors darker shades of blue, green, red as well as indigo, black or, gray.
– If you want to convey a fun, light feel then consider using bright colors like red, orange, yellow, bright green, bright blue, pink or purple.
– Limit color choices to 3.
– Make sure your text is readable against the background color you have chosen.
– While you want you site to be memorable, you want it to be pleasing on the eyes. So choose your combinations carefully.

Large corporations take great care in choosing the colors they use to represent their business so that it conveys the correct message to their customers and potential customers. You too should take great care and ask yourself how your color choices will be perceived, what message do you want it to convey and what message is it conveying. What do the colors of your website say about your business?

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