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effective website

9 Must Haves for an Effective Website

effective website

Today your website should be part of your marketing plan and as such, it is all about it being effective. An effective website is one that should encourage the user to some sort of take action, be it sign up for an email, purchase a product, sign up for an eBook or leave a comment on your blog post.

An effective website is no longer about the passive consumption of information. They are now alive with moment, interaction, and engagement leading to the consumer take action.  When designing your website or working with a professional web designer you will want to be sure that you have certain components on your website. Here we will discuss 8 things you need to have for an effective website.

1 Images – make sure they are good quality. Fuzzy pictures will not impress anyone. When a person lands on your website you have about 3 seconds to make a positive impression.  It is best to use stock photo’s our have a professional photographer take pictures for you.

2 Contact info– you would be surprised how many sites do not have full contact information. Recently I saw a restaurant website that did not have the address on the home page in the footer. You want your site to be easily navigated and provided the contact information people want most like address if a physical business, phone number and email. A contact us form is also important.

3 Load time – ever been to a website that seems to take forever to load? You click away from it and move on to another… optimal load time should be 2 seconds or less. There is talk from google that they would like to see half a second load time.

4 Awards/testimonial – client and or customer testimonials as well as any awards and recognition you have received will lend credibility to your site and your business. If you belong to any professional organizations that are known and reputable you will want to use them as well.  Some businesses for compliance reasons need to have their licensing numbers also displayed.

5 Mobile friendly – As most websites are now viewed on a mobile device, making sure your website displays properly is vital. Not only does google use this as part of their ranking but you are leaving money on the table by not having it. Mobile users will just move on to another site that is.

6 Social media buttons – These should be displayed where they can be easily seen. Make sure all links work properly. I have been to many sites where the links do not work at all. If you do not use a certain social media platform be sure to remove that button. When consumers are searching, they will go from your website to your social media platform for even more information.

7 Email sign up – this is a perfect way to market to those who are interested in your product or service the most. Be sure to let them know what they will be receiving, like tips for example or special discounts, and how often you will be emailing them.

8 Embed a video – video is effective in communicating with the consumer. Keep it short and do not have it set to auto play. Many find this annoying. Podcasts are becoming popular again, so you may want to consider using a podcast player.

9 About us – This is where you get to tell your story. Keep it short and simple. Photo’s of you, your team are also effective as consumers relate to people not brands.

If you are thinking you just want a simple website to just have a web presence, then you are leaving money on the table. You want to be sure that your have an effective website that the consumer likes and will return to.  Your  website is a tool for gaining new and returning business. It is no longer just a brochure of information.

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