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Branding – Your Logo


If you are just starting a business or perhaps want to freshen up your branding taking a look at your logo is an important step in your journey. You might be tempted to do it yourself. Many startups try to do as much as they can themselves. This however maybe one of the steps you want to hire out for.

Consistency is the key to successful branding. Your colors, words, messages all need to be consistent. Therefore, getting your logo right the first time is important.  Your logo is the visual representation of your business. While it may not be the first thing the consumer sees, it is what they come to recognize and associate with your business.

Your logo needs to convey who you are as a business and capture the essence or the theme of your business. It needs to stand out among all the others. However, your logo does not need to be a literal image of what your business is. In other words, if you sell shoes, you do not need to have a picture of shoes in your logo. You might want to go with something that conveys how the shoes makes the consumer feel in them.

Your logo should be targeted towards your target market. The colors, the images and font you use should all be relatable to you targeted consumer. The message and feeling it conveys should also be relatable to your targeted consumer.

In logo designer the simpler the better. Remember you are going to use this in different formats such as digital, printed, website, social media, promotional products, so you want it to display well no matter where you are using it.

You might be tempted to use clip art for your images or templated logo’s. The problem with these is that they are limiting in design and other businesses may be using them. The other problem is that you may not get them in the file formats you need for printing, website, business cards, signs etc.

Your logo needs to be unique and stand out from all the others who do what you do. You do not need to have the name of your business included but you can. You do not need your tag line or motto included.

As a small business owner, you should be able to easily explain your logo should somebody ask. So, you need to know why you chose the image, font and colors you did. You need to know what the message is that you are wanting to convey.

While your logo is not the basis for building your business, it is an important factor in marketing your business. This is one area where you should hire a professional to design it for you. When you do hire a professional you will have to be able to explain what you want the logo to convey.

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