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market your business

6 Ways to Market Your Business

market your business

Marketing your business is key to your success. Many have mentioned to us how complicated it seems to market your business these days. However, when talking further with them, it is because they really do not understand what it takes to market their business. So here are 6 ways to market your business that you can easily implement.

1 Create a Strategy – It is all about having a strategy. Who is your target market, what are your goals and objectives, and what action steps are you going to take to meet those goals. What platforms are you going to us? What are you going to say on those platforms? Are you going to run ads? To whom and where? These are some of the questions you need to answer to form a strategy. Once you implement your strategy, make changes depending on the results you receive. So, you will want to reevaluate and adjust.

2 Website – What are you using your website for? Does it just have information about your business on it? Why not use if for more than just a glorified brochure? Today’s world is interactive so why not have them sign up for a newsletter and offer them something of value for doing so. Depending on your business, you could put special offers and deals for new customer. Can they schedule an appointment, buy your items, sign up for services? Can they leave a review, comment on a blog, follow you on social media?

3 Networking – Many local business owners overlook the importance of networking to grow your community. Networking is about building relationships which in the long term also leads to new customers or clients. While you may meet people, who will not use your product or service, they may know people who do. You want to be of service to people you network with, so introduce them to the people you know. Find out what their needs are and how you can help them. It is not always about getting a sale each time you attend a networking event.

4 Social Media – Are you getting the most out of your social media presence? Do you even have a social media presence? Social Media is hard for some people to understand because they invest time and money and do not always see the results they desire. The results for most locally owned businesses is not immediate. It is much like networking in the respect that you need to build relationships. Your audience needs to come to trust you. Social Media in and of its self will not grow your business over night. It is not the silver bullet that will make your business explode overnight. It takes time, compelling content, use of ads and having a strategy to achieve your goals.

5. Email Marketing – Is one of the best ways to communicate directly with current, former and potential customers or clients. You can offer them something of value be it a special offer, discount, coupons etc. You can also keep them informed of new products, services, events. There are many ways to grow your list, but you want to be sure that those who sign up are interested in what you are offering. It is about the quality of your list and not the quantity of subscribers. You never want to spam them by emailing too often. There are some who email daily but they are offering information related to their industry. There are those who email several times a day and we do not recommend that. As an example, we would get emails from one business several times a day with a reminder about their offer as well as a countdown as to when they offer was going to end. Needless to say, 3-4 emails a day was a bit much.

6 Videos – There are several ways you can use video as part of your marketing plan. You can do live video on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube. You can create slideshow videos, explainer video’s, or video of your business in action. Your video needs to capture people’s attention. Videos work well on your social media accounts. You can put them on YouTube and even your website. Your objective for the video will determine what type of video you do and where you use them.

When it comes to marketing your business, what steps are you taking? Do you have a plan? Are you relying solely on word of mouth? Share with us some marketing ideas that have worked for you.
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