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What Is Your Brand Message?

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As a small local business, you probably never thought of what your brand message is or should be. So, we are going to discuss what is a brand message, why you need one, and some tips on developing your own brand message.

What is a brand message? It entails you communicating what the consumer will get from using your product or service. What is the benefit to them. You communicate this in a way that your target audience can relate to. You must make this message clear and concise so that your potential consumer knows what to expect.

Why You Need a Brand Message

There are several reasons why you need a brand message: Consumer Awareness and Recognition, Loyalty, and Brand Differentiation. You need to have your target market be aware of your business as well as recognize your name, logo etc. After all, how can the consumer do business with you if they do not know you exist. If you have a consistent branded message that you deliver on, you will build brand loyalty. Not only will these consumers return to purchase again, they will also tell their friends/family as well. Think of how many brands you are loyal to and why? Having a strong brand message is how and where you tell your target market how you are different than your competition. You are telling them how it will benefit them, what they can expect and then you deliver on that message.

Developing Your Brand Message

To develop your brand message here are somethings you will need to consider.
1 Values/ Beliefs – what is it that your business or even you as an individual is at the heart of your business. You need to be authentic in this. What is the consumer going to experience based on these values?
2 Keep It Simple – you do not want to muddy your messaging by trying to say too much to too many people. Think about what is important to your target market. Do they want fast service, do they a quality product?
3 Tag Line – this is like your motto so to speak. It should be short but memorable. It should also evoke an emotion of some sort a sin making the target market feel good about you and your product/service.
4 Elevator Pitch – can you describe what you do in 8-10 words that will also invite a conversation? That would be your opening line of your pitch. The remaining 20-50 words you need to convey your brand message in a memorable way. You also must do this in a way that the person you are speaking to understands what you are saying, so you may want to avoid using industry jargon.

Having a branded message is the foundation from which you will build your marketing content. Your brand identity and personality also play a role in building your marketing content. The 3 all work together to build you a strong brand. In the end, having a strong brand that is authentic in it’s messaging will have greater marketing success.

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