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How to Work Effectively with Your Web Designer

web designerWhen working with your web designer or web designer firm the process will be infinitely more effective if you are able to establish good communication with them. This is the key to the design process being effective, efficient and having the outcome you desire. When the communication process breaks down, so does your project and the headaches and nightmares ensue.

Why is communication so important? You, as a client, are communicating your vision verbally and the designer is entrusted to take that vision and bring it alive through your website. So, the more effectively you communicate your vision, the better your designer will be able to make it come alive.

So here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with your designer.

1 Discuss Expectations – This includes things like cost. It is best to discuss budget and payment and payment methods right from the beginning. Many require a down payment. Some will take payments when certain stages are reached. The final payment is usually due prior to the website being published. You will also want to discuss edit and revisions that are included. Be sure to be prompt when giving your designer your pictures and content.
2 Set Goals – You will want to communicate to your designer what goals you want your website to achieve for your business.
3 Share Examples – You might want to show 3 different websites to your designer and share with them what functionality you like about them.
4 Set Deadlines – This is important to moving your project along in a timely manner. Your designer will need different things from you at different times during the design process. You will want to be clear on those deadlines.
5 Be Open to Learning – Your designer is also your advisor. They will explain best practices when it comes to certain key factors such a font type, size, color and so much more. You will want to be open to their suggestions and trust in their design knowledge and abilities.
6 Be Organized – During the design process your designer is going to need pictures and text for your various pages. Keep them organized in a file for each page so when your designer is ready for them, you can provide them in an organized manner. As an example, for your home page, you would give them the text and pictures in one file.

Most of the problems during the design process arise from poor communications or a break down in the communication process. It is advised to get the proposal in writing including the scope of work, deadlines, edits/revisions, mock ups and payments etc. Even though designing a website is a creative process, it is also a business transaction. Treat it as such.

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