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5 Reasons Why You Should Not DIY Your Business Logo

When starting a business there are many costs involved and you might be tempted to try to do somethings yourself. However, your logo should not be one of those things. Your logo represents your brand and that is something of great value to you. It is not just a picture that represents your brand, it is the visual representation of what your brand is all about, the essence of your business, the foundation from which all is built….in other words…it is a big deal. It is too big of a deal to try and do it yourself. Here are 5 reasons why you should not DIY your business logo:

1. Poor choice of colors and fonts – people who try to design their own logo, often do not know what colors work well for their business and what fonts they should or should use. This would make it difficult for people to have a positive response to the logo.
2. An amateur look – when it comes to branding, you do not want to look like an amateur. A logo you design yourself will send the wrong message to potential clients and customers. If you are serious about your business and not just creating a job for yourself, then having the right logo is extremely important.
3. Clip Art – many of the DIY sites offer clip art for your designs. This limits the colors, fonts and even the formats your logo is in. Others will give you your logo in all the additional formats for an extra fee. It also limits where you can add your text.
4. Professional tools – when you have your logo professionally designed they use professional tools to do so. You would not want your plumber to do his repair work without his professional tools would you? The same holds true for your logo design. These professional tools are what will give your logo a professional, unique and inspirational look.
5. Generic look – many self-logo designs options are used by more than one business. While they have a professional look and feel to them, the basically all look the same. Here is an example of what we mean.

DIY your business logo

As a small business owner have a unique, memorable, inspired logo will go a long way towards your branding which is the foundation of growing your business. If you need any help with your logo design please contact us at Creativenergy

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