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   CreativEnergy    Using Facebook For Branding – Personal Profile

Using Facebook For Branding – Personal Profile

Using Facebook For Branding

Using Facebook for branding is a very powerful tool if you are a small business owner. Depending on your business you can also use it to brand yourself as well. Facebook has 3 tools you can use for branding: The Personal Profile, The Business Page and Groups. Today we are going to discuss the personal profile. We will continue with the others in future blogs.

Back in the day the personal profile was mainly used for family and friends. Over the course of time many realized they could use it to brand themselves. Facebook does have a rule that you cannot use your personal profile for “business”. This means the profile must be in your name and not the name of your business. It also means you should not “sell” on your personal page. It does not mean you can’t talk about what you do, or topics related to what you do.

Many of your “friends” might be a mix of personal and business people you know. They may even be people you do not know but have commonality. So just what should you do with your personal profile if you want to brand yourself? Here are some tips:

  1. Display Professionalism – As you are a professional, you want people to know that you are.
  2. Avoid posts that are too personal – such as pictures of you at the club. Remember you want to represent your business always. You want to project a professional image.
  3. Avoid politics – while some feel they should be able to say what they think/feel, you have to remember your objective. You do not want to alienate potential clients.
  4. Post content that is of interest to your “friends” – You want people to interact with you. So, the content should be of interest to them. It can still be related to your business if you want or it can be personable and relatable.
  5. Watch your language – you do not want to curse, be rude, crude or vulgar. Also watch spelling and grammar. Many times, I see talk to text posts and you need a translator to figure out what they are saying. We all make typo’s but try to correct them.
  6. Be positive – try to avoid rants, whining and complaining. Be a helpful resource and conduct yourself as a professional so people will want to connect with you.
  7. Keep posts “public” – if you want people to share your content, which you do.
  8. Keep content fresh – post a mixture of types of content on a variety of things. The something for everybody type idea. If you know your friends like local positive news, then share that for them. Other times ask questions like icebreaker questions, another time post some fun.
  9. Videos – if you are not camera shy, share useful information. Do a video of an event you are at.
  10. Go easy on the selfies – after a while they no longer are “special” and may even leave the wrong impression.

Your personal profile can be a great tool for branding without having to sell anything. You want to be known as a professional in your field. The best rule of thumb to go by is…ask yourself this before posting, If this were to be in the local newspaper would I want people to know this.

In our next blog post we will talk about using Business Pages for branding.

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